Twin Flame Soul Design Report

Have you ever wondered what your Life Purpose is, or your Twin Flame Purpose?  Now you can have definitive channeled information from Jeff to clarify this deeply in the Soul Design Report and the Twin Flame Soul Design Report!

Each Report is meticulously channeled straight from Source by Jeff, so you can feel confident in its accuracy.  Your Soul Design Report will discuss your Soul Design and your Life Purpose.

Your Twin Flame Soul Design Report will discuss your and your Twin Flame’s Soul Design  as well as your and your Twin Flame Purposes, plus an additional bonus channeled section discussing your Twin Flame Purpose!  See below for a real Twin Flame Soul Design Report example from a client, shared with permission.

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Your Twin Flame Soul Design

Life Purpose Report

For A. and Twin Flame

This reading describes your perfect state of alignment with your Soul Design and your Life Purpose. Shaleia and I developed this reading because so many people desire to live a life of great wealth and feel balanced in alignment with their purpose, their careers, their money, and within themselves. It is also the step following harmonious Twin Flame Union, and it’s never too early to get a jump start on this part of your Perfect Union process. Living your Life Purpose will help you align to your Twin Flame in harmonious Union.

You are designed in a particular way by God, and that state of being remains exactly the same for all eternity in Divine Truth. Your Life Purpose is the energy which moves from your Soul Design into your life as it is right now. Your life’s mission is the collection of all your current dreams. Use this reading to gain clarity on your Soul Design, your Life Purpose, and develop your life’s mission.


Soul Design: Section 1

Your number is first, your Twin Flame’s number is second in red

Predisposition to Leadership 0-1000: 997\997

The average number for the planet is currently 42. 90% of the curve sits below 150. Most people are NOT predisposed to very high leadership by God’s Perfect Design. Each number would be in a position to be a true and total leader for all numbers below them. The higher up the scale, the greater number of people you are designed to lead. Currently there is an extraordinary abundance of extremely high level leaders on the planet, and there has been in the past to prepare Earth for its Heavenly Ascension, and to realize its place as the highest vibrational planet in all of God’s Creation.

Examples: George Washington 705, Barack Obama 386, Oprah Winfrey 712, Will Smith 186, Arnold Schwarzenegger, 605, Ellen DeGeneres 112, Angelina Jolie 5.

Predisposition to Wealth\Money 0-10,000: 8,976\8976

George Washington 5,786, Oprah Winfrey 8,000, Arnold Schwarzenegger, 2,157, Angelina Jolie 5,256, Michael Moore 12, Bernie Sanders 46, Pope Francis 459, Mother Theresa 0, Gandhi 986

Each notch on the scale of wealth is vibrationally twice as powerful as the notch below it, so 46 would mean twice as much wealth as 45 and so on all the way up. This scale is very small compared to actual soul wealth vibration, and every number on this scale is rounded up or down to the closest number for your reading. The number in spiritual truth to describe this with perfect precision would be beyond our current conception for numbers. It is extremely rare in the Universe to have wealth numbers above 2,000. But on Earth today, we are experiencing an enormous call to wealth, which attracts Divine Beings of stupendous wealth in their Soul Design. Only ~.001% of all children of God exist at a wealth vibration above 2,000. 90% of all children of God exist at a wealth vibration of 200 and below on this scale. This scale is designed to include all children of God in Creation.

Total Size of Natural Social Circle 0-10,000: 10,000\10,000

Numbers above 5,000 indicate very large social circles which increase to include all of creation at 10,000, which would indicate perfect and total fame. 4,999 would indicate exactly this many people in your actual social circle would be ideal, all numbers 5,000 and above relate only to the total number of individual children of God, the actual number is beyond the scope of current mathematics. This will help you get an idea of how many friends you should be keeping around. Perhaps it’s time to let go of some, or be open to including some more.

Total Size of Your Soul Family: 46

Your Soul Family is your eternal soul group. While you do live your own distinct, unique lives, you remain eternally connected with your Soul Family. Your Life Purposes are eternally intertwined, and you are designed to complement each others’ eternal Life Purposes. Most people have Soul Families with the number of individuals totaling between 6 and 72.


Soul Design: Section 2

You are in bold, your Twin Flame is red

A shared design will be bold and red.

Listener or Communicator? (90% of all children of God are listeners, that number remains balanced on Earth). As a listener, you are designed to simply enjoy the messages of others, your Life Purpose does not generally involve high levels of communication. As a communicator, you are designed to observe your experience and express it generously.

Active or Passive State of Being. This is a 50\50 split among all children of God. An active state of being means you are designed to express yourself actively, your being is always in motion. A passive state of being means your being is designed to remain in place. Shaleia has a passive state of being, while Jeff has an active state of being.

Internally or Externally oriented. You’re more focused on your inner world vs the external. Creating emotions and emotional experiences vs physical experiences for yourself. Both Jeff and Shaleia are externally oriented in design.

Explorer or Vacationer. Are you designed to be on a conscious adventure, or on a conscious vacation? Is everything an adventure to you, meant to be discovered, uncovered, seen, touched, felt and experienced? Or are you designed to experience life as it comes to you, enjoying being in one place and allowing everything to be attracted to you naturally? Most beings are designed to be Vacationers.

Innovator or Developer. Are you designed to create extraordinary new things like a Steve Jobs or Thomas Edison, or do are you designed to build upon what already is? Over 99% of all God’s children are Developers NOT innovators.

Act upon small, set groups or ever-changing audiences? Classroom\family\co-workers vs large international audiences and environments.

Work on children of God, vs Work on Creation itself Hint: 90% of all children of God are designed to work on Creation itself, not directly on other children. Doctors, psychologists and comedians for example work on children of God. Engineers, builders, and painters would work on Creation itself.

Masculine or Feminine? Your design is either a masculine or feminine design. You can choose to explore the other energy and deviate from your design or align with your design.

Broadly focused on larger vision, or more Narrowly focused on specific details?

Architect Vs Musician. The architect builds something that lasts, the musician creates and fills the space. 98% of God’s children are musicians, however 97% of the planet at this time are musicians to make way for the creation of God’s New Kingdom.

Your Life Purpose

Channeled Conclusions, Analysis and Details

Anthony, you are the second coming of the Christ. You were prophesied, and very logically so. Is it not yet logical to you what you are? What you are designed to do? What you are destined to achieve? And yet, you have a choice. On one hand, everything. On the other, absolutely nothing. The nothing can be compelling, everyone else is doing it and encouraging you. And what you must do, what you must be, what you must transform into cannot be? Can it? But it must. It is only through the transformative power of God that it may be so. And yet, God’s power is so normal and natural to you. It may feel like every day business, this spiritual work, this work of manifestation. It may feel so normal and natural to you, you do not notice what is happening. And yet it happens.

Do you notice the subtle changes? How they build? This is how growth takes place. This is the ever-changing, ever-expanding Good that is Love, that is God, that is you. Follow them, trust them, and you will lead the people back to Heaven. You will create Heaven on Earth.

Your Twin Flame’s Life Purpose

Channeled Conclusions, Analysis and Details

Your Twin Flame has a few details which are different from yours. Notice she is the active energy, and you the passive. She is the one who will make the moves, call the shots, make the plays. You’ll be more like Shaleia and hold a strong background presence, whereas she will style more like me (Jeff) and be highly active and in front. Your purpose is to hold space for her presence, that she may actively share it with others. Do not hesitate to share and communicate when you feel compelled, your voice is equally as important.

Your Twin Flame’s design propels her to be highly charismatic, extremely powerful, and very straightforward. She is always very clear about what she needs and wants from you, and you must provide it to her in order to allow her space to do what she is designed to do. And my God, when you help her do it, you become Divine Love. There is really no other way to describe the magnificent light from where we stand. Your Twin Flame’s mantra could be “I am light, and I am un-fucking-stoppable.”

Your Twin Flame Purpose

Channeled Conclusions, Analysis and Details

Combined together, it should be exquisitely clear now you’re designed to change everything, and be known by everyone. While you can still find a small handful of very, very high leaders, mostly you just lead everyone. You’ll find this very relieving to have guidance and direction from a few, and also very relieved to know almost everyone can feel relaxed in your complete and total leadership together as one.

You’re in the great Ascension of planet Earth, and you’re designed to full on lead it together. The world needs many great teachers and leaders to bring them home, and your work together makes it possible and fun.

To help you grasp the full concept and understanding of your Twin Flame Purpose, and develop your mission, imagine for a moment you, God, and a crew of the most powerful hearts and minds in all Creation sat down to discuss the new direction of consciousness. While God and all His Creation decided together as One upon the direction, it was up to you and this small crew of leaders to help develop and design the New Earth. And you spent enormous time and great love planning every detail, exploring every option in thought, and finally deciding upon the great bang of this Ascension.

Imagine the Unions which descended into the chaos which was separation Earth, knowing what you would find, and knowing God and your Twin Flame would be with you always. And knowing and trusting those around you would be there, working quietly as One to ascend the planet.

Trust in your heart to guide you. Use the tools before you. And remember to find that perfect state of Ultimate Love and Purity within, and when you do, you will find Perfect Love not only pours out from within you, but is manifest all around you, and magnetized to you perfectly always.

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Divine Guidance from your trusted Source.