Twin Flame Romance Report

This multi-question Divine Report provides you deep, insightful and accurate details of your Twin Flame, and even includes a channeled message directly from your Twin Flame’s higher self to you. In your Twin Flame Romance Report, you’ll also receive very powerful, specially imbued healing decrees channeled from God and Archangel Michael to assist you on your Twin Flame journey.

Clients find the Twin Flame Romance Report is not only just insightful and healing, but also guides them directly to their Twin Flame by pointing out who they are and where they are in life right now. It shows you just how compatible you and your Twin Flame really are together right now, and will guide you easily and gently into their loving arms, here on Earth.

“When I ordered a romance report from Jeff in September, I hadn’t met my twin flame. I thought I had, and I realize now, that my past situation was a step that would lead me to meet him. The romance report was an important step in my journey because it gave me answers to questions in truth. And as time went by, I remembered it and the message that Jeff channeled from my twin flames higher self at that time, lead me straight to meeting my twin flame! That following month of October to be exact!!

However, discovering that he was my twin flame wasn’t until a few months later, as I still had some blocks to clear. Jeff also said in my report that he felt children in my twin flames vibration and my twin flame has a son! The decrees and the channeled message from my twin flame were very special. I’m very thankful to Jeff for doing this reading for me! Thank you Jeff!” –Crystal Rose

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“Thank you so much for your wonderful reading. I had intense feelings all throughout and I started crying by the time I got to the channeled message from my TF’s higher self haha. So many things just resonated with me and, on top of that, it was all so beautifully put. I will read this to myself everyday to make sure I stay on the right path. Thank you for your words of encouragement and all the helpful advice. This reading was so much more than I expected (I think the “example reading” on your page was “mild” in comparison!! haha) and I will cherish this knowledge given to me.” -Sylwia

Below is an example of one client’s Twin Flame Romance Report shared with permission. The name and location of the client may have been changed to protect confidentiality.

Twin Flame Romance Report

for Christina M., NYC, NY

Do you have a Twin Flame? –Yes, you do have a Twin Flame!

Are they incarnated on this planet at this time? -Yes, he is here.

Are you coupled with your Twin Flame at this time? -No, you are not coupled with your Twin Flame at this time, although I do see you are romantically affiliated with someone. Do you think this person is your Twin Flame? It is not likely, however this person I see you affiliating with romantically is leading you toward your Twin Flame. I recommend seeing what is in store for you with this person. What feels juicy in this romantic affiliation? Keep going, you will find what you are looking for through this interest. Perhaps they will fall away and reveal your true Twin Flame, or perhaps they will reveal themselves as your true Twin Flame after all!

Have you met your Twin Flame yet in this lifetime?- No, although it may be hidden from you because of a lesson or experience you need to reveal this person as your true Twin Flame. Stay patient and focused on your Twin Flame inside, and your true Twin Flame will be revealed to you.

Are they single, or committed to another at this time? -I see them as having a romantic affiliation, similar to yours. It doesn’t seem like a very deep commitment, but there is definitely something there.

Are they financially abundant? -From Your Twin Flame’s perspective, he is very financially abundant.

Does your Twin Flame have children? -No, I do not see any children in his life or under his care.

Are they aware of me (their Twin Flame)? -Your Twin Flame dreams of you, although he does not attribute it to you directly. He thinks about you constantly, although it is often in the form of other women. He craves you and longs for you, he even creates simple poetry in his imagination regarding you. He is very aware of you as his Twin Flame, although it is not likely he attributes all this directly to you.

Are you on the path to being with your Twin Flame? –Yes, absolutely. You’re headed directly for your Twin Flame and will be arriving sooner than later. Just keep going, follow the signs, and work through the decrees provided below for maximum potency in your forward momentum.

3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Enhance Your Union\ Manifest Your Twin Flame

  1. Prepare for your Twin Flame Union by clearing out your life and creating space for him. Make room in your home, your bedroom, and all your closets. Clear out the space in your life he needs to move in and live with you for when you are ready. Clear out relationships which are not suitable, clear out lifestyle choices which are not suitable, and most importantly, clear out anything from your ex husband which you would prefer your Twin Flame not have to see.

  2. Read “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover.” By Jeff and Shaleia. If you have already read our book, take the time to give to yourself and your Union by re-reading it. Spend a few quiet afternoons or evenings to yourself and allow the information and energy of the words to wash over your consciousness. Invite the Divinely imbued information into your heart and allow yourself to be filled with Twin Flame love and energy to magnetize yourself into alignment with your Twin Flame Union. If you haven’t already read “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover” I highly recommend you pick up a copy on and read it.

  3.  If you haven’t already begun work on our e-Course “Twin Flames: Dreams Coming True” I highly recommend you get started with the first four free lessons. Working through the entire course honestly with a high willingness to learn and change will magnetize you into harmonious Union with your Twin Flame. The lessons and information are extensive, powerful, and transformative, and if you give yourself the time and space to work through the whole course, you will need nothing else to bring you and your Twin Flame together into harmonious Union. This e-Course is charged with powerful magnetic vibrations to point and pull you into your harmonious Union with no effort outside of working honestly through the course. It is available at


NOTE: These are not normal decrees. These decrees are channeled directly from the Divine Source. They are imbued with Divine Love and Divine Healing Energy. Repeat each of them once from the very center of your heart and you will experience their full effect.

Special decree from God for you and your Twin Flame

“I am One with my Twin Flame. We are eternally dancing in the infinite bliss of loving perfection.”

Special decree from Archangel Michael for you and your Twin Flame

“I am fully protected in my loving of my Twin Flame. No one may stand between me and my Twin Flame’s eternal and perfect marriage.”

Special decree from God to remove all blocks between you and your Twin Flame

“No barriers exist between me and my Twin Flame. We are forever and eternally One.”


-What message does my Twin flame have for me right now?-

“You and I are always one, always together, always in harmony. You and I are perfect for each other, and I know you know this. Seek me just as I seek you. Open to me just as I open to you. Love yourself just as you love me and you will find me in your life every day loving you just as much as I love me. See you soon my Twin Flame.”

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