Skype with Jeff

Skyping with Jeff is an opportunity for you to do deep work, have all your questions answered about anything, and receive massive healing, support, and direction in your life. Jeff spends most of his timing working with groups of people, but this is your chance to have him entirely focused on only you for one hour.
One hour with Jeff can and will change your life in massively positive ways if you allow it and trust the guidance he is channeling to you from God. Jeff is extremely powerful with personal change work, and can heal your core issues so you can immediately step lightly and energetically into your positively changed life. This is an opportunity for you to experience the brilliance of a spiritual master, lovingly focused on your life, heart, mind, and soul, for the benefit of whatever you desire. If you feel called to do a session with Jeff, he suggests giving the session to God beyond any specific intentions you have for your time together.
If your heart is calling to work with Jeff one on one, the opportunity is available right here. Trust your guidance, and take the next step to order your session by clicking below.


Divine Guidance from your trusted Source.