Romance Analysis Multi-Reading


“My Multi Reading with Shaleia was absolutely amazing! You can FEEL the love and passion that Shaleia puts into this reading. She gives you so much info about yourself, the person you’re inquiring about, and then combines the two together for a different kind of reading that reveals so much in the most perfect way. She revealed to me that the man I was inquiring about was not my twin flame but a soulmate from a past life. This helped me to heal tremendously and I actually had met my twin flame months prior but was unaware of him because of the soulmate blocking the way! The reading was so powerful that I immediately went to sleep after. This reading with Shaleia is priceless! I will be purchasing another reading from her soon about me and my twin flame! ” -Crystal Rose



This unique and powerful multi-reading gives you full access to what is currently happening and manifesting in your romantic life, as well as the lessons you are experiencing. If you are interested in someone, or you are already partnered with someone (and you know their date of birth), we can look deeply into your compatibility, purpose, and lessons between you two. This gives you an in depth knowledge of not only yourself and the other person, but of your romantic relationship as a Whole.


In this Romance Analysis Multi-Reading you will get:
~Your Numerology:
Understanding your life purpose, keys to fulfilling your destiny, your relationship to the Divine, as well as your issues, obstacles, and opportunities (the same will be read for your romantic interest/partner). Deriving the composite number of your romantic relationship, understanding the energies of that relationship based on numerology, and the key questions this relationship brings up.


~Your Destiny Card Numbers; which includes predictions, & compatibility with your romantic interest/partner:
This system is the original science of the common 52 playing cards. Each birth date of a person is assigned one of the 52 cards called Your Birth Card. The cards will provide you the knowledge and self- understanding for making better decisions and opening doors to opportunity. With knowledge from your cards and spiritual understanding, you can then face your fears and doubts to move forward with inner power and confidence. The purpose of the system is all about transforming your inner conflicts and your relationship with others. The predictions about your future are amazingly accurate and insightful.


~ Your Shared Destiny Card Reading:
You will know why you have chosen your romantic partner, how can you make better decisions about your future, how your karma or past-lives effect your current relationship(s), and how you are compatible in love, sex, romance, and marriage with your current romantic partner/interest.


~Oracle & Tarot Cards:
Oracle and Tarot are an ancient form of divination believed to originate in Egypt, but became popular in 14th century France. In this part of the reading, a channeled message from the Divine comes through to you speaking directly to your Heart, and summarizing your Destiny Cards and Numerology reading. You will also have an opportunity to ask any specific questions pertaining to the reading and to your romance life, etc. in this portion of the reading.


This multi-analysis reading is one of the most powerful ways you can personally leverage Shaleia, and all of her best tools of insight for you to get very clear on yourself, and your chosen romantic partner, and whether you’re with your ideal romantic partner or not. 
This reading is given over Skype and takes approximately 2 full hours.
Shaleia spiritually prepares for your reading for days before the appointment, and does several hours of intensely focused physical preparation work prior to meeting with you. Expect several pages of typed information to be sent to you in the days following your reading. This work is an extremely powerful healing, which clears the way for a massive abundance of Divine Light and Wisdom to flow through in your reading. You are welcome to record the session if you desire.


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