Owl Love You Forever <3


1.  Perspective has nothing to do with the Truth. It’s just your experience.  When you understand the Truth is always the Truth, you can rely on it to guide you, move you, protect you, and strengthen you.  When you use your perspective, you can share much good with those around you.  

2.  Continuous improvement is the focus for you today.  What are you improving upon that is going better than planned? Are you giving yourself credit?  Are you flowing with the changes?  Let the change come through what you called in, and let your improved state of being and experience improve naturally.

3.  Tomorrow never comes to sweep away the problems of today.  The future never arrives to make you feel better.  The better feeling and resolution of your problems comes only from the constant and endless now.  From this now, all things are possible.  Are you waiting for something to happen, or are you patiently creating in the now to improve your circumstances?

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