Jeff and Shaleia are a husband and wife Twin Flame team who lead the ascension of Earth by creating products and offering services to assist you in your ascension process. Their work not only expands your awareness through the powerful, True, and accurate information shared, but also the high vibrational experience you get when you receive their products and services.

Jeff and Shaleia work in Perfect Union with God, the Source and Creator of all things, as well as their own experiences to share information which is 100% accurate, True, and timeless. They are both clear channels for the Divine, and each maintain personal conversations with God always.  They use this perfect clarity, as well as a very keen awareness and understanding of God, life, God’s children, and the Universe to provide very clear, very helpful, and 100% accurate guidance from the Divine.

Divine Guidance Readings.net is a place where you can receive and experience your own Divine Guidance directly through Jeff and Shaleia.  Guidance from the Divine is always beautiful and easy to understand immediately, and always feels very good.  It is also something which can be revisited days, weeks, months, and even years later for further insights and expansions which already existed for you in the messages.

You can tell the difference between something Divine and something not Divine because the Divine words always feel good deep in your heart, while the not Divine words always make you feel afraid, or bad deep in your heart if you choose to believe them or act upon them.  You know by listening to your heart and your feelings that the information you receive from Divine Guidance Readings.net is Truth, Divine, and from two people who work Directly with God\Source, your Creator who loves you completely and always.