Phantom of the Opera Reading


1.  Feeling complete has nothing to do with controlling external circumstances to create more pleasing experiences.  Feeling complete is a result of your own inner relationship with God, which results in a perfect external and internal experiences.  Remember to connect with love inside anywhere you desire to feel complete.

2.  Beauty arises from an inner state, a connection with the Source of all beauty.  The way you express beauty is unique and valued in all the Universe.  Your relationship with beauty is what causes you to be beautiful, inside and out.  

3.  Connection with others and with all that is Good arises from your relationship with God.  God is the source of all connection, and all Good.  You already have a relationship with God, because you have a relationship with all Good.  Remember God is always relating to you in the moment.  If you are not experiencing all you desire, work on developing and growing your relationship to Good.

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