Divine Guidance Angel Reading



1. Love knows no limits or boundaries, but it does have rules it moves with.  Love is always good, love is always kind, love is always real.  Love is always beautiful, love is always perfect, and love never fails to satisfy all the desires of your heart.  That love is God, and God is that love.  You cannot separate love from God and God from love.  Are you experiencing love? You are experiencing God.  Are you experiencing God? You are experiencing love.  Keep doing that.

2.  Treasure is defined by the heart that keeps it.  What do you treasure most?  Are you treating it like a great treasure?  Do you cherish it, hold it dear, appreciate it, love it, and experience being loved by it in some way in return?  Is that relationship balanced?  Seek balance in all you treasure.

3. Mastery is a result of understanding.  Understanding is a result of connecting with God.  Infinite intelligence is yours to claim always.  God offers it freely to you always.  Vibrating with it is easy, simply choose to see the Truth anywhere you desire mastery.  Do not stop until all is revealed.  As you continue to seek, so shall God continue to reveal to you until all is revealed to you.  Then you have attained mastery.

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