Window To Heaven Reading


1. Are eyes the window to the soul?  No, this is not true.  The reason it is said is because when one person looks into the eyes of another, they often see their own reflection.  They see their own emotions, challenges, and patterns reflected back.  In order to truly see the soul of another, you must only look and be willing to see.  All souls are naked, completely bare to one another.  No soul can hide behind a body.  No soul can hide anything from any other soul.  Your sight is the window to every soul.

2.  Can it be true that magnetism is a spiritual quality?  How can you magnetize anything you desire into your life?  Magnetism is a quality you were created with and you can either allow it, or create false beliefs to prevent it.  You were designed to magnetize what you desire just a wrench was meant to tighten and loosen bolts.  Just as a magnet was created to magnetize, so too were you created to magnetize your desires.  How to magnetize all you desire?  Just desire it, and hold that desire in your heart until you have it.

3.  Companionship is not meant to be temporary between all souls.  God designed you as a counterpart to your counterpart.  Who is this divine and eternal companion God designed for you?  Your Twin Flame.  Your Twin Flame is on the planet and desires to be with you in this moment.  Make the decision to unite with your Twin Flame for life, and decide it will be spectacular.  What else would you need to do in order to have your counterpart?  God didn’t design you to be alone.


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One thought on “Window To Heaven Reading”

  1. Questions, is it twin flame is just for man and woman only?

    How about those gay and lesbian relationship? Are they part of being called Twin flame?

    Just curious…. thanks for the wonderful readings…

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