Divine Guidance 11:11- The Gateway Reading

11-11-15 1111 Gateway

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1.  Who are you at your innermost core and essence?  Who are you eternally?  You may be surprised to know these are two different things.  You are an eternal soul.  The thoughts you think, the mind you cultivate, the peace, prosperity, joy, and love you cultivate in your mind stays with you eternally.  You can always grow these.  At your core and essence you are love energy, always flowing, giving, changing, and expanding.

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2.  Gratitude is not something you need to give in advance for the things you have not yet received.  That’s like thanking a parent for a christmas present you haven’t been presented yet.  Your parent might feel uncomfortable because of your inappropriate behavior.  Thanking your parent daily for all the wonderful things they have already given you, now that is powerful.

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3.  Change is constant.  So why would you try to push against it?  The ocean always flows, the waves always crash against the shores, so why would you try and stop it?  The best you can do is embrace the change and go with the flow.  When you let go and move with the changes, you are driven forward by them.  This is how it was always meant to be.  Can you imagine surfing in an ocean with no waves?

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