Jeff and Shaleia offer several private services to assist you with your Twin Flame journey.  Click on the links at the top of the page to explore your options.

Working with them through this website you should expect a few very critical things.



1.  There is no more powerful way for another to assist you in amplifying your progress along your Twin Flame journey. You have reached the absolute pinnacle of spiritual support and help. You do not need to acknowledge this profound amplification for it to work for you. Although you are lending yourself the hand of the most potent spiritual teachers on the planet today, you cannot pay for spiritual progress. You are only paying for the best possible support which will amplify your progress. You must do the work yourself and accept the help if you desire to move forward on your spiritual journey.


You will want to take your Report or Session very seriously and deeply consider every aspect of what has been offered to you in love and mastery. You have come to those who already have what you desire, seeking assistance to arrive there yourself. Jeff and Shaleia have successfully assisted others into the spiritual state known as Permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union as well as countless people to meet their True Twin Flames. We highly recommend you do not underestimate the power, potency, and Truth of their work for your own benefit.



2.  If you took the work seriously, you should expect profound changes to occur immediately within yourself. This is setting the stage for external changes. Sometimes clients will experience immediate external changes in their life, and sometimes these changes take time. What you can be certain of is you dramatically increased the momentum along your spiritual journey by working directly with Jeff or Shaleia.


We recommend you take the time to deeply consider any new awarenesses you received through your direct encounter with Jeff or Shaleia before fully acting on new decisions you come to. This allows your mind and heart time to process and integrate everything you received. Don’t worry, what is real will never leave you, and you can take all the time you need to process before taking new strides forward in your life. Be sure these strides are based on the loving guidance of Jeff and Shaleia, and not based upon your fears.


You may experience emotional upheaval immediately or shortly following receiving a session or a reading. This is absolutely normal and natural. Do not attach yourself to the upsets, remember they are simply all the misaligned vibrations contained within you which are being released. These lower vibrational feelings must be felt in order to be released and leave your consciousness. Rest assured, the upsets you may feel are leaving your consciousness to make way for beautiful, rich, loving, and wonderful new vibrations entering your consciousness. This is the purpose of the work offered through DivineGuidanceReadings.net.


You may consider taking time to fully integrate by taking the afternoon off, going for a relaxing walk, drinking lots of water, or engaging in other relaxing or meditative activities which will assist you in fully feeling your feelings and processing your emotions and thoughts. Although you absolutely will not need to process the full gravity of what you have received in total for many many years to come, you will need to process your next steps. Remember you are receiving massive love, and this love is eternal. You have received a permanent investment into you from very powerful spiritual masters. The gift is ongoing.



3.  The gift is ongoing. You will find you can return to the wisdom of your session or Reading any time. Readings are provided in .pdf format for easy reading and printing and while we do not offer recordings of your live sessions, we highly encourage and recommend you do record your sessions. A quick internet search will bring up free programs you can use to do it. Don’t worry too much if you cannot record, the gift will remain forever in your heart.


Returning to the gift you received from Jeff and Shaleia days, weeks, months, years, or even decades later, you will always find new valuable and wonderful gifts and insights for you because it speaks to your Divine Self, the innermost eternal essence of you, and it loves you there. This loving wisdom will always guide and support you any time you feel compelled to return to it.


Like the love of a wise and compassionate loved one, you can always find an eternal gift waiting for you in this work. It is an eternal investment for your everlasting soul, something that will stay with you for all of eternity. This is a true, permanent gift you can give to yourself. If you are giving this gift to another, be absolutely sure they are very clear on what they are receiving. Have them look over this website before they give you a clear yes to go ahead and purchase this for them. Be sure to let Jeff and Shaleia know this is what has been done at the time of purchase.



4.  Expect perfection, and be sure you know what that really means. Perfection exists and is absolutely attainable. Perfect is not always as you would expect it. Perfection is a vibration of love, and love loves you perfectly. If you do not feel you have received something perfect, sit with that and feel through it. Notice any resistance you may feel inside.


Sometimes people will return to Jeff and Shaleia’s work immediately, demanding they receive something different. This is always for the same reason: They did not expect absolute perfection, instead expecting what they could control. Love does not accept your control, it is perfectly and totally free. Love is perfect without your control. Love loves you perfectly. Jeff and Shaleia will absolutely unequivocally without exception every single time offer you the gift of perfect love. You can choose to see it for what it is, or you can choose to be uncomfortable with what you have received by resisting the perfect love you have called in.


Know you have called in perfect love. There is absolutely no hiding from love. It shines, it reveals all Truth, it loves. Expect this.



5.  Know you will receive only exactly what you absolutely require for the next step on your spiritual journey. Never more, and never less. Love is abundant, and love is efficient. It will not overburden you with too much, nor will it leave you with anything less than perfect satisfaction. Should you not find this satisfaction from your Report or Reading, you have not been open to receiving what has been given to you, to what you called in by ordering it. Love cannot go where you do not allow it.


But don’t worry, love always finds a way.