I was divinely guided to Jeff and Shaleia after I met my Twin Flame. At the time I had no clue what Twin Flames were, all I knew was that I had this amazing connection with another—a connection that I have never felt before…not even with my ex-husband.

I immediately I started looking up soul mates, kindred spirits, etc. and nothing seemed to come close to describing how I was feeling when I met my Twin. Ten months after meeting my Twin Flame, God led me to Jeff and Shaleia.  After seeing some of their You tube videos, my interest was piqued to purchase readings.

The readings gave insight on what path to follow next.  After this I purchased their book (Twin Flames Finding Your Ultimate Lover) and their e-courses (Twin Flames-Dreams Coming True and Romance Attraction). I was thrilled to finally understand this amazing connection between my TF and I.

Since then I did some healing work with Jeff and Shaleia.  From the healing work and literature I learned how to recognize blocks which were delaying my twin flame journey and how to clear these blocks with the mirror exercise.

(Now I’m part of Twin Flame Ascension School.) TFAS is much more than a “class”. TFAS is a family. We support, collaborate and help each other through our journey. All of our journeys and paths look different; however, we are all working toward the same goal—to be in Harmonious Twin Flame Union. To me this journey means embodies more than just Harmonious TF Union. This journey is meant to unveil our true authentic loving selves.” -I.S.


Jeff’s work is extraordinary and unique because what he gifts is an EXPERIENCE. Reading Jeff’s channeling is not only acquiring new, exciting information, but it is absolutely a direct transmission that I feel in my whole being. I come away feeling better and higher than ever, self-assured and fulfilled beyond words. Jeff works with an unparalleled quality of efficiency, integrity, love and generosity.” -Barbara M., Dallas, TX.

Your words had meaning for ME…I felt as though you were actually taking me back to what is important in my business – to do what I set out to do instead of bending to the whims of others. Thank you for refocusing my next steps.” -Suzanne

“Thank you for your loving reminder that I am loved so much…without you and your loving support I would be lost. It’s peaceful to know you are always here for me.” -Rochilla

“The reading was just what I needed. I felt supported and nurtured. A big thank you. It’s one thing to read about others’ journeys on a similar path, but there is something special and even necessary about having the message delivered just to me, that facilitates an immediate embodiment and shift in perception.” -Bee

“Jeff, thank you for the reading. I feel very blessed, comforted, and loved. I feel the reassurance with love, that all is well. Thank you.” -Lynda

I recommend your service for anyone who was like me and had a little trouble listening to their inner guidance. Peace and blessings” K.J.

Divine Guidance from your trusted Source.