What’s Your Totem Animal? Free Reading


1.  You are one who does not allow anything to come between you and your heart’s desire.  Let yourself be free in this behavior and winning attitude.  Let go of all criticism and cynicism.  You are free to claim your heart’s desires, and nothing may stand in your way.

2.  Once in a blue moon you get a sassy attitude about you.  This is your inner spirit’s unique spunk coming out to play.  But you know you don’t need to can the sass, you can open up and be free with it.  Let it spill like gorgeous locks across your shoulders, let it flip and wave around the room, let it be the fun and perfect attractor that it’s mean to be.  You’re you, and that’s just fantastic.

3.  Silence is not ineptitude, it is power when used appropriately.  But you know how to use your silence to maintain your peaceful posture, even in busy situations.  When you’re silent when you want to be, no matter the situation, you’re claiming your power and everyone notices.  Remember to maintain poise in your silence.

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